First Cross-border E-commerce High-Quality Development Summit Held in Yangjiang City in 2023

Yangjiang, China – April 19, 2023 – We were honored to attend the inaugural Cross-border E-commerce High-Quality Development Summit held at the Yangjiang International Convention Center. This event marked a significant milestone in the convergence of traditional industries and cross-border e-commerce in Yangjiang. The summit was attended by esteemed organizations including the Yangjiang Municipal Government, Yangjiang Commerce Bureau, Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce E-commerce Division, South China University of Technology E-commerce Department, as well as five globally renowned cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Shopee, and Temu. Additionally, participants included cross-border e-commerce ecosystem service providers such as procurement platforms and logistics companies, over 200 foreign trade supply enterprises specializing in hardware, knives, plastics, silicone, outdoor products, and prominent domestic experts, scholars, and business association representatives, totaling over 300 attendees gathered at the Yangjiang International Convention Center to engage in pragmatic cooperation, discuss industry development, and explore new frontiers and channels for cross-border e-commerce.

Event Highlights

The summit, organized by the Yangjiang Commerce Bureau and hosted by the Guangdong E-commerce Association, featured a series of exciting activities. It served as a bridge between traditional foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce, facilitating seamless integration and mutually beneficial collaboration, thereby playing a vital role in accelerating the digital transformation of traditional foreign trade. During the summit, our CEO, Sam Fu, had the opportunity to be interviewed by Guangdong TV.

The roundtable sessions at the summit covered five key dimensions: the future development of traditional foreign trade enterprises transitioning into cross-border e-commerce, legal and compliance risks associated with cross-border e-commerce, support and favorable policies from cross-border e-commerce platforms for industrial enterprises, operational insights from billion-dollar sellers, and case studies of outstanding local enterprises. Experts from the cross-border e-commerce field shared their valuable insights and provided recommendations for the high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce in Yangjiang.

The summit also featured a product selection conference where three exhibition zones were set up for hardware, knives, plastics, silicone, and outdoor products. Over 700 popular cross-border e-commerce products from Yangjiang were showcased, allowing major sellers and potential cross-border e-commerce enterprises and individuals to make on-site selections. The event created a comprehensive platform for buyers, sellers, industry leaders, and manufacturers to facilitate transactions, foster exchanges, and promote integration across all aspects of cross-border e-commerce.

During the event, we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangdong Hongyi Technology Co., Ltd., a leading Amazon seller, aiming to jointly develop a win-win model for the cross-border e-commerce industry, driven by innovation and enhanced service systems.

Cross-border e-commerce, as the fastest-growing and most influential new format in foreign trade, has become a new driving force for foreign trade development, a new channel for transformation and upgrading, and a catalyst for high-quality development. The vigorous development of cross-border e-commerce and other new models will stimulate the vitality of foreign trade entities, enhance the efficiency of foreign trade operations, stabilize the industrial supply chain, and achieve the integration of industrial and trade digitization.

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