Easy-to-deploy and extremely sharp folding knife creations packed with multiple tools for versatile application.

Top-Quality Folding Knives

Volken welcomes you to an impressive line of folding knife products designed by some of the best multi tool makers in the industry. Made from top-tier 3Cr13 stainless steel and built with a lasting razor edge, our folding knives easily fold out with little pressure from the user. With the added features and handles made from wood, titanium alloy, or G10, this versatile multi tool has everything customers are looking for.

Rely on Volken’s expertise to meet your strict demands for folding pocket knife products. With over 40 years of experience, we’ve established our brand as one of the leading folding knife manufacturers.

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Wholesale Folding Knives from a Trusted Manufacturer

A folding knife excels in safety and comfortability than other bladed varieties. As the blade is tucked securely between its handle, it can be easily carried without requiring a sheath or blade covering. To deploy the buck folding knife, the user simply needs to pull the blade out of the handle, and it will lock into place, ready for use.

As one of China’s leading folding knife manufacturers, Volken is more than equipped to tackle large orders for wholesale folding knives. Our world-class manufacturing facility has dedicated workshops and the latest equipment, allowing our expert team to complete each order with speed and efficiency.

In addition to our production strength, we also prioritize quality control, running routine inspections after every step to ensure the highest standards are maintained until the end. All these results in top-tier wholesale folding knives delivered on time and at competitive price points.

Make Folding Knives in Your Brand Style

See a significant boost in sales and brand support when you bolster your inventory with custom buck folding knives. Compared to standard folding knives, offering personalized pieces to your customers will help endear them to your brand while encouraging more repeat purchases.

Volken has developed exceptional skills and capabilities in crafting bespoke folding knife designs for OEM and ODM businesses. Moreover, we have robust customization options for marketable folding knife making, including vast material selections, logo engraving, and attractive product packaging. Come and explore our customization capabilities today and bring your distinct ideas from concept to shelves.

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project.

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