Multi tool with scissors from Volken cuts through ropes, small bones, and other materials.

User-Friendly Multi Tool Scissors

Made from top-grade 2Cr13 textured steel, Volken’s line of best multi tool scissors retain its razor-sharp edge for long periods without dulling. The pocket scissors multi tool also includes various implements to cover more tasks, like screwdrivers, knives, and bottle openers. With a durable exterior that doubles as an ergonomic grip, end-users are guaranteed a better working experience.

Experience world-class multi tool scissors and exceptional service from Volken, the leader in multi tool products in China. With four decades of manufacturing expertise and an ISO-certified facility, we’ve turned multi-tool production into an art form.

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Wholesale Quality Multi Tool with Scissors

At Volken, wholesale production never means a drop in quality. We pride ourselves on providing OEM and ODM businesses with the top-of-the-line multi tool with scissors. Each piece is crafted by industry experts, using innovative designs that redefine modern multi-tools while using the best materials in the market. All these are complemented by our strict quality control standards that always ensure top quality.

With our production prowess, dedication to quality assurance, and solid relationships with material suppliers, we can offer reliable mini multi tool with scissors at affordable wholesale prices. This translates to you earning more profit and elevating your brand with each pair of scissors multi tool.

Custom Scissors Multi Tool

Inspire the current generation of outdoorsmen, DIY-ers, and artisans while influencing the next with custom multi tool scissors from Volken. Continuously tapping into the current market trends, our expert designers craft each line of scissors multi tool with time-tested techniques combined with modern sensibilities. The result – highly marketable products your brand can stand on.

Along with our bespoke design capabilities, we can modify our existing product line to accommodate your ODM multi tool scissors needs. And if you want to use your designs, that’s no problem. Send those ideas over, and we’ll turn them into functional products for your OEM business.

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project.

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