Starting Your OEM / ODM
Multi-Tools & Knives Made Easy

OEM, Upload Your Designs

Send us a copy of your existing designs in Al, EPS, or PDF format, and our expert designers will replicate them for your upcoming project. We can
also update them for better performance and marketability.

ODM, Choose from Our Designs

Explore our existing tool designs for something
that captures your ideas perfectly. You can even
modify them to suit your specific branding or
project goals.

Create a Design from Scratch

Have an idea you want to implement for your
order? Our expert designers can work with you to
develop a design that seamlessly matches your
project and branding.

Custom Made Multi Tools & Knives Just for You

Starting from 5000 PCS

Lead time: 45 days

More than designing and manufacturing marketable and reliable multi tools, Volken offers a comprehensive range of services to make your OEM and ODM sourcing experience as smooth as possible.

From a flexible MOQ and short lead times to numerous customization options, we’re here to help give your customers a strong, lasting impression with each purchase.

Custom Multi-Function Tools Design

Volken’s team of seasoned designers is committed to assisting you in developing existing designs or creating bespoke knife designs from the ground up. Plus, we keep your appearance or function designs under lock and key, ensuring you get a distinct market edge.

Customized Logo

Cement your brand to your customers by displaying your logo on each completed multi tool knife. Whether you want to use your current brand logo or desire a new one crafted by our expert design team, we can cater to them with the meticulous craftsmanship.

Optional Materials

Embellish your custom made multi tools with additional pieces to make them stand out more than their peers. Modify the handle material, add specific tools to the setup, or give it a unique finish – we have the best materials and exceptional expertise to get them done.

Brand Packaging

Wrap everything up with top-shelf packaging that complements your custom multi tools & knives. Using carefully selected and durable packaging materials, we can develop brand-specific packaging to encase your products with a snug fit.

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project.

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