Regular Multi Tools

Discover Volken, a brand that combines aesthetics, functionality, and quality of multitools to your booming business.

All-in-one Multi Tool

Let Volken breathe life into your inventory by providing high-quality all in one multi tools in your catalog. It is designed to be reliable for outdoor use, with a special coating that provides protection and better grip. Our regular all in one multi tools are a testament to perfecting our crafts, making them reliable and stylish.

Our company, with our 10,000 sqm facility, has produced outstanding products for decades. You will always be satisfied with our 48-hour turnaround time delivery to your warehouse or shop for the best quality all in one multi tools.

Give us a call and experience the best customer as our experts assist you in making your custom products with a low MOQ and reasonable price.

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Wholesale Multi Tools

High-performance all in one multi tools are reliable and compact to equip any outdoorsman in any situation that requires cutting materials like rope to bend wires. At Volken, we ensure quality and detail in every all in one multi tool. Our products are made with durable materials built to handle any task.

Our deep catalog and excellent supply chain give our production the best materials, providing you with a product style and performance in bulk. Fast delivery is also made possible because of Volken’s foreign trade service for hassle-free delivery with assistance from renowned logistics companies. This ensures we deliver the products fast and in their best condition.

Get Custom Made Multi Tools

Boost your branding by ordering custom multi tools by combining existing designs with your concept and aesthetic. Our experts will assist you in making a unique product that is utilitarian and appealing to customers, with a comprehensive selection of materials and coating that adds durability and flair. We also assist in enhancing your brand presence through placing your existing or designing a fresh and appealing logo.

Partnering with Volken is the best move, and our services will bring your business to new heights, from production to the finished product. We ensure quality as we aim high and work in harmony.

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project.

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