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Razor-Sharp Pocket Knives

Check out Volken’s assortment of high-quality pocket knife options crafted by industry experts. Made from premium 3Cr13 stainless steel, our selection of knives is easy to use and retains an edge longer and better for exceptional performance.

Compared to other bladed implements, pocket knives are easy and safe to market globally. While knife laws differ per country, small pocket knives are generally viewed as tools and are legal to carry.

As a longstanding personalized pocket knife manufacturer, you can rely on us to deliver beyond your expectations. From a world-class ISO-certified facility to seasoned designers, we’re well-equipped to take on any challenge.

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What is a Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is best described as a knife with a two to six-inch blade that can fold into its handle for storage. Known for its versatility, pocket knives can be used to tackle different tasks and can have multiple blades depending on their intended setup.

Pocket knives come in different types and classifications based on several factors. These include:

Number of blades – they can have a single or multiple blades in their setup, with some even having other tools for multiple functionalities.

Edge type – knife edges can either be plain-edged, fully serrated, or partially-serrated type which incorporates both edge options.

Blade type – common blade variants include clip point, drop point, pen blade, tanto point, and Wharncliffe blade.

How Do Automatic Knives Work

A pocket tool knife has a wide range of uses, making it an indispensable tool for anyone. When used within the home, a multi purpose pocket knife can work for opening packages, opening bottles, removing batteries, untie knots, and keeping pencils sharp.

They also have a place in the kitchen as a replacement for regular kitchen knives in a pinch. From peeling fruits and vegetables, deboning meat and fish, and cutting them down to size, this blade can handle them all.

Outdoorsmen also see pocket knives as a reliable tool while facing nature. They’re great for fishing, hunting, cutting firewood and rope, and even preparing kindling for fire.

Wholesale Pocket Knife Supplier

Trust Volken to fill your inventory with wholesale pocket knives for sale at affordable prices. As a seasoned pocket knife manufacturer with decades of experience, we have the skill and capacity to meet your requirements.

Our modern production facility has dedicated workshops for R&D, mold making, and automated production, allowing us to fulfill pocket knife wholesale orders faster and better than our peers. Moreover, we have a strong supply chain that gives us access to the best materials for cheap, we can guarantee the most competitive price points for higher profit margins. High-quality, low-cost, and flexible order quantities – the perfect combination for any successful business.

Get Custom Pocket Knife Designs

Looking for an edge to make your brand stand out? Volken’s personalized pocket knife options are what your business needs!

Delivering pocket knives custom made for your OEM and ODM business is Volken’s commitment. Our expert designers constantly check market trends and develop marketable small pocket knives your customers will support. Additionally, we can modify our existing line of products, like including more tools or logo stamping to match your branding ideas.

For OEM production, you can send us existing or fresh designs and our team can create functional models. Modification of these designs can also be done for improved performance or to fit your budget.

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project.

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