Feature-packed and easy to use, Volken’s Swiss Army Knives have everything one needs.

Versatile Swiss Army Knife

The gold standard in multi tools, the Swiss Army knife has everything one looks for plus more. Each mini Swiss Army knife is packed with multiple instruments like saw blades, cutting blades, various screwdrivers, and bottle openers, among others. Fabricated from 2CR13 stainless steel known for its high corrosion resistance and hardness levels, our Swiss Army knives are designed to perform and built to last.

Trust a seasoned Swiss Army knife manufacturer like Volken to supply your business with top-grade knives at competitive bulk prices. Low order requirements, quick turnaround times, and impeccable quality – Volken is known for these and more.

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What is a Swiss Army Knife

It’s best to look at the history of Swiss Army knife to understand what it is and where the name came from.

American soldiers coined the term ‘Swiss Army knife’ referring to a pocketknife that contains several tool combinations for tackling various tasks. They named it as such because the soldiers found it hard to say ‘Offiziersmesser’ or officer’s knife in German.

The first Swiss Army knives were made in Switzerland in 1891 and were initially issued to Swiss soldiers for aid in daily field operations. After World War II, the iconic multi-tool grew in popularity and is used outside military service – hanging on the belts of outdoorsmen, artisans, and DIY-ers.

What is on a Swiss Army Knife

In its initial production, objects on a Swiss Army knife were tools that a typical soldier needs while on the field. This included a small knife, a can opener, and a screwdriver to maintain their service firearm. As more people started using it, a common Swiss Army knife included more implements, like a small saw, scissors, a corkscrew, and even a toothpick. While the first line of Swiss Army knives had grips made of oak wood, modern variants feature plastic or rubber grips that make them more ergonomic.

Swiss Army Knife Factory in China

When it comes to marketable and affordable Swiss Army Knife tools, Volken is the number one manufacturer to trust. We’re experts in making bulk Swiss Army knives, with over four decades of multi tool crafting experience. Additionally, our seasoned artisans and support team guides you through the entire process while providing client-centric services like no minimum order limits and short lead times.

Complementing our expertise is our 10,000 sq.m. ISO-certified production facility, where every part of the production process is done in-house. Generating $10 million in annual profit, our Swiss Army knife factory has multiple modern workshops and the latest automated production lines to fulfill large-volume orders with ease.

Custom Swiss Army Knife Designs for Your Brand

Level up your OEM or ODM business by expanding your inventory with personalized Swiss Army knife options. Adding a custom small Swiss Army knife to your product lineup allows your business to capture a wider audience, cementing your brand and boosting your sales.

As a seasoned manufacturer, Volken develops innovative and market-friendly Swiss Army knife design geared towards the global market. choose from our selection of Swiss Army knife tools and modify them to suit your requirements. Along with our robust customization capabilities, we can help improve your products by adding more features or stamping your brand on engraved Swiss Army knife options.

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project.

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