Volken’s EDC pocket multi-tool is the brand trusted to be lightweight and reliable in every situation.

Everyday Carry Tools

Like having a toolbox handy in any scenario, our mini EDC tool is dependable and compact. Fit any standard pocket with instruments like screwdrivers, a pair of scissors, a blade, tweezers, etc. We ensure that our product is up to the specs of what your target market needs.

For your EDC multi-tools solution, Volken is the manufacturer for you. With a comprehensive product line and patents, we are well-versed in the multi-tool industry being in the industry for more than 40 years. Our experts create unique and functional EDC multi-tools that are appealing to the international market.

So hurry! Give us a call and our experts will assist you and give you an initial quote for your blooming business.

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Wholesale EDC Multi-Tools

A portable and versatile tool for simple tasks, an Everyday Carry Multi-tools provides a handheld device excellent for cutting, and other task that uses simple tools. Salable to people active outdoors, it is a perfect accompaniment to any camping gear. Widely used from setting up tents to starting a fire, everyday carry pocket tools need to be durable.

Made from high-quality materials, Volken provides the best EDC tools for sale in bulk. Our low MOQ, fast lead time, and competitive price give your business the edge by having a salable product at a reasonable price, with our excellent services you will be sure to start your business right away.

Make Your EDC Multi-Tools

Sending us the design is easy, as we accept a variety of formats and translate it into a tangible product with the help of our seasoned experts that reflects your company’s vision. Providing you with a platform to translate your vision of a custom everyday carry multi-tool.

Uplift your brand presence with a selection of unique packaging and casing options that will go with your branding flawlessly. With the product and packaging, we top it off with a fast turnaround time by partnering with the best courier services worldwide.

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project.

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