Razor-sharp and evenly balanced multi tool axe from the industry leaders.

Versatile Axe Multi Tool

Explore the numerous axe multi tool options that Volken has in store for you and your customers.

The perfect companion for campers and adventurers, our custom wholesale multi tool axes have an assortment of implements that act as a mini toolbox. Aside from its razor-sharp blade, the axe includes devices like a bottle opener and holes for various hex nut sizes. Additionally, it has an ergonomic grip made from top-grade rubber, plastic, or solid wood.

With over four decades of multi tool manufacturing experience, Volken is the gold standard in multi tool axes. From having a world-class production facility to mastering axe designs that sell, we have your wholesale multi tool axe needs covered. Place your order today!

Wholesale Multi Tool with Axe

Buying camping axe multi tool in bulk from wholesale manufacturers like Volken offers many advantages for OEM and ODM companies. Some of these include:

  • More competitive pricing leads to better profit margins at lower capital
  • Consistency in quality and appearance, as the whole batch is created with the same mold
  • Lower shipping and customs fees since you’re spending for an entire batch instead of smaller pieces
  • Guaranteed product availability for your customers, making sure you always have products in stock.

Order your wholesale camping axe multi tools from Volken today to enjoy quick order fulfillment times and exceptional bulk pricing.

Quality Multi Tool with Axe from Volken

As a longstanding multi tool manufacturer in China, Volken prides itself on offering the best survival axe multi tool in the market. We do this through intensive quality control protocols in every step of the production process.

We practice strictly sourcing materials used in making the multi tool axes, getting raw materials from well-vetted suppliers in China and abroad. Seasoned auditors conduct meticulous inspections after each production step to guarantee that the consistency of our axes meets company and global benchmarks. Additionally, our team does a series of tests to check the performance of all implements included in our multi tool axes.

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project.

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