Razor-sharp and feature-packed spring assisted knives that need minimal pressure to open.

Handy Assisted Opening Knives

Be inspired by the innovative spring assisted knife options that Volken has in store for your business. Crafted from high-grade 2Cr13 textured stainless steel, our spring assisted otf knife products feature an easy-to-deploy setup that makes them the preferred choice for customers. Each knife also comes with an assortment of implements for the complete tool on any application.

Four decades of success in the multi-tool industry places Volken as the premier maker of spring assisted knives in China. Rely on our low order minimums, quick lead times, and dedication to quality production to boost your OEM or ODM business forward. Talk to our team today and get an order started.

Wholesale Assisted Opening Knives

spring assisted knife takes advantage of a spring-loaded system to help deploy the blade from its handle. Since the knife does not use a button for deployment, the user needs to partially open the blade, wherein the spring takes over to complete the process. Its simple activation and versatility make it the preferred tool for hunters, anglers, and outdoorsmen while on the field.

When it comes to affordable and high-quality wholesale spring assisted knives, look no further than Volken. We’ve been leading the market in manufacturing assisted knives for OEM and ODM businesses for more than four decades. Gaining deep insight over the years, we know what each market looks for and what sells in those regions.

Strengthening our production capabilities is our 10,000 sq.m. facility that houses cutting-edge workshops and modern automated production lines. Additionally, we heavily invest in our R&D endeavors, securing hundreds of local and international patents for assisted open knives. These, along with our flexible MOQ and competitive pricing, make Volken your ideal partner in growing your assisted pocket knife business.

Get Custom Made Assisted Opening Knives

Sourcing custom spring assisted knives has never been easier with Volken by your side. Backed by talented designers and a robust customization process, we’re able to create bespoke knives that speak loudly of your brand and guarantee larger sales.

Whether you want to develop a new line of knives for your business, adopt your existing product designs, or modify some of our offerings, we’re up to the task. All we need is your design specifications, and our team will develop them with precision and accuracy. We can even elevate them by stamping the knives with your logo or encasing them in top-grade packaging.

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project.

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