Bring the new wave of innovation with feature-packed automatic switchblade knives from Volken.

Easy-to-Deploy Automatic Switchblade Knives

Volken’s line of automatic knives employs a smart deployment feature that releases the blade with a single button push, making it more usable for campers, outdoorsmen, adventurers, and DlY-ers. They’re also packed with additional tools for an al-in-one switchblade knife. Plus, with no legal restrictions for auto knives, you can sell them anywhere in the world.

As a renowned multi tool manufacturer, Volken can make automatic knife products that will surely sell. With an lSO-certified factory and expert designers, expect no less than perfection in our wholesale knives Start an order today and see how our auto knives can elevate your business.

What is an Automatic Knife

An automatic switchblade knife may look like a standard knife at the onset, but it has a unique feature that makes it unique. Specifically, this bladed tool has a spring-loaded release system that deploys the blade with a push of a button, hence the name ‘automatic knife.’ The knife’s automatic release feature makes it easy and convenient to use, requiring only one hand to prop the blade.

Take note that although all auto knives are switchblades, not all switchblades are considered automatic knives. There are some blade varieties, like butterfly knives and gravity knives, that require more assistance in deploying the blade attachment.

How Do Automatic Knives Work

Auto knives have two main categories under their umbrella. Understanding their differences will significantly help businesses in marketing these products to their customers.

The first of these categories is the side-opening automatic pocket knife. In this configuration, a button triggers the spring-loaded mechanism that pushes the blade from the side of the handle.

The second category is the out-the-front or otf automatic knife, which is further broken into single-action and double-action variants. The OTF knife mechanism works like the side-opening one, where the blade is hidden in the handle and released with a button push, but the blade pops out in front instead of the side.

Wholesale Auto Knives

Boost your brand with wholesale auto knives supplied by Volken, the leader in multi-tool production in China. With our minimum order quantity of one, short lead times, and competitive automatic knife wholesale prices, we’re more than capable of fulfilling your project requirements.

Alongside our hassle-free sourcing process, we also have a globally competent production facility where the entire process is done in-house. Through our robust production expertise and strict adherence to quality control, we guarantee top-notch auto knives wholesale that your brand can lean on. Source from trusted wholesale automatic knives suppliers like Volken today to ensure the success of your business.

Get Custom Made Automatic Knives

Whether you’re looking to source standard switchblade knife products or prefer to offer custom automatic knives for your business, Volken can help you succeed. We have seasoned automatic switchblade knife designers with years of experience creating knives that will surely capture your target market.

In addition to our expert design prowess, we’re capable of adapting your existing OEM designs for auto knives and making improvements based on your preferences. Moreover, we can aid OEM and ODM startups in developing a new line of fully automatic knife designs and make it theirs through material diversity, logo design and stamping, and complementing packaging options.

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project.

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