More than a cutting tool, our multi tool machetes have added tools for more functionality.

Top-Tier Machete Tools from Volken

Browse Volken’s line of machete tools for outdoor, farming, and other suitable uses. Made from corrosion-resistant materials, our utility machete offerings are easy to use. With an evenly balanced weight and a comfortable grip, it is a machete your brand can lean on.

Unlike stabbing knives and swords, seen as weapons by the authorities, countries like the United States categorize machetes as agricultural tools. As such, they are safe to import in most locations without worrying about legalization or too much paperwork.

Trust Volken to supply your brand with industry-defining camping machete and other multi tool products. We’re one of the leading machete manufacturers in China, having four decades of experience developing and making multi tools for the global market.

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What is a Machete?

A machete is a knife with a large, broad blade that is considerably bigger than the usual cutting knife. A standard farming tool in Latin America, machetes are typically used for cutting thick plants like sugarcane and tall grasses. They also serve as all-around tools in tropical regions, from carving forest trails and clearing crops to opening papayas and cracking coconuts.

Volken brings the versatility of machetes to your market and elevates them to the next level. Influenced by our experience creating multi-tools, we improved its strength by including features like saw blades and hex nut holes to make them more appealing to customers.

Why Buy Wholesale Camping Machete?

Whether you’re an OEM or ODM multi tool business, sourcing high-quality machete tool products from a reliable supplier is vital to your success. Getting camping machete in bulk ensures you save on wholesale prices while maintaining consistent quality that will reinforce your brand.

Thankfully, Volken has the expertise, experience, and capability to meet your business needs with proven results. Spanning over 11,000 sq. m., our ISO-certified production facility is equipped with the latest machinery and top-of-the-line workshops to create exceptional wholesale machetes. And with our easy and flexible minimum order quantities, you can buy as much as your budget allows.

Custom Machete Designs Made for Your Business

Stamp your mark as a world-class multi-tool OEM and ODM business with Volken’s machete tool products by your side. Designed by industry experts with in-depth market knowledge, each of our machete tools is created for optimal performance and user safety.

Rely on our expertise as machete manufacturers to develop bespoke machete designs that will capture the unique taste of your target market. If you have existing designs, send them over, and we can adapt them for your new product line or adjust them per your requirements. Modification is also available on our existing line to make your sourcing experience faster and more affordable.

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project.

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