Cutting tool products from Volken remain razor-sharp and sturdy for any application.

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Elevate your inventory with Volken’s expansive line of expertly made cutting tools designed for indoor, outdoor, and everyday use. Featuring a high-quality blade forged from top-grade 3Cr13 stainless steel, our cutting tools can easily cut and chop most materials. An ergonomic grip completes the cutting tool, ensuring it doesn’t slip off the user’s hands while promoting safety and comfortability.

Trust Volken to provide your brand with reliable hand cutters that will propel your brand to greater success. By conducting the entire production process within our ISO-certified facility. We maintain the utmost quality and consistency of our cutting tools. Add our easy MOQ, competitive pricing, and comprehensive services to the mix, and your business is one step closer to meeting its goals.

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Renowned Cutting Tool Manufacturer in China

Four decades of successful production of world-class wholesale cutting tools sets Volken as the leading Chinese manufacturer that your brand can rely on. Volken has a 10,000 sq.m. production facility houses several state-of-the-art workshops and automated production lines, allowing us to generate $10 million annually. Committed to excelling in the market, we constantly develop innovative multi tool products, helping us secure local and international patents.

We can also assist you through various services besides our production expertise. Our comprehensive services include foreign trade support, order completion as quick as 24 hours, and competitive bulk hand cutter pricing that fits your budget.

Custom Cutting Tool Designs

The robust design sense of Volken’s seasoned artisans is exhibited in our assortment of marketable and practical hand cutter tools. You can simply choose from our offerings for quick order fulfillment, and they’ll ship out within 24 hours. Moreover, we can modify the available designs to accommodate the demands of ODM businesses for tailored hand cutter products for their inventory.

Have an existing design for cutting tools, or are you interested in creating a new line for your OEM brand? Send us a copy of the design so we can replicate and produce them with precision and accuracy. Improvements can also be made to improve their functionality per your request.

We are ready to help at any stage of your OEM knife project.

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