Multi Tool Vs Pocket Knife: Everything You Need To Know About

Whether planning to go camping, hiking, any adventure activities, or simply for survival, carrying a knife is the best choice. Then again, many people often wonder whether they should buy a pocket knife or a multi tool. 

Pocket knives are usually compact, lightweight, and can be hidden in your pockets easily. A multi tool comes with a bunch of tools other than a knife like a bottle opener, pliers, nail claw, hammer, and many more. In this multi tool vs pocket knife comparison, let’s see the pros, cons, and applications of each tool. 

What Are Multi-tools? 

A multi tool is a versatile tool that comes with numerous tools, including knives, pliers, bottle openers, screwdrivers, saws, axese, machetes, and many more. It is a compact hand-held tool that combines multiple individual tools into a single unit. Multitools can be used for easy everyday tasks and even heavy outdoor tasks, such as camping, logging and so on.

Pros of Multi-tools 

There are plenty of advantages of multi tools, and some of the major ones are included below.

Highly Versatile 

Most multi-tools include a knife blade, pliers, screwdrivers, and a bottle opener. Depending on the model, they can also have saws, wire cutters, can openers, scissors, corkscrews, rulers, LED lights, and many more. This way, people can use the multi tool for various tasks without using individual tools.

Convenient and Portable 

Instead of carrying numerous individual tools, people only need to carry a single multi tool to tackle various situations. In addition to that, many multi tools are compact and can easily fit in pockets and backups, making it easy to carry. 


Buying one good-quality multi tool is competitively more affordable than acquiring numerous individual tools. Also, there are various multi tool models in different price ranges, so users can choose one as per their budget. 

Cons of Multi-tools 

Just like pros, some of the cons of multi tools are listed below. 

  • Even though they are compact, they are generally larger and heavier than pocket knives.
  • These tools might not be as robust or specialized as individual tools. For example, the blades may not be as sharp as the pocket knives and might not offer the same cutting precision.
  • Multi tools do not offer the same quality and durability as individual tools.
  • Unlike individual tools like pocket knives that can be operated using a single hand, multi tools might be less user-friendly. 


There are many applications of multi tools. They can be used for everyday use for quick fixes around the house, office, or during commute. Multi tools are also widely carried during camping and hiking in order to prepare food, set up tents, cut ropes, and repair gear.

From assembling furniture, and fixing electronics, to handling home improvement tasks, a multi-tool is used for DIY projects as well. In addition to that, multi tools are used for hunting, fishing, skinning animals, and many more. 

Best Multi Tool Sample 

12 in 1 multi tool 

Source: Volken 

Volken 12 in 1 multi tool is the best multi tool that is made of stainless steel and has sharp blades that can cut wood, wires, etc. It comes with surface black coating and is resistant to corrosion for a long time. The closed length of this multi tool is 5.43 inches. The main blade has a safety lock, ensuring the safety of the users. 

This tool has 12 different tools including a needle nose plier, standard plier, wire cutter, hammer, nail claw, knife, saw, bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, serrated knife, and a file. This is a perfect tool for everyday use, survival, and tactical situations as well. 

What are Pocket Knives? 

Pocket knives are compact, hand-held knives. There are two types of pocket knives, which are folding knives and fixed-blade knives. The pocket knives can have different blade types, such as serrated, drop point, tanto, clip point, sheepsfoot, and many more. 

Pros of Pocket Knives 

Some of the benefits of pocket knives include: 

Compact and Lightweight 

Pocket knives are really compact and can be carried in pockets. The folding pocket knives are relatively light in weight and do not look bulky as well. This way, it will be much easier to store and carry them. 

Precise Cutting 

Pocket knives have relatively sharp blades with high precision and can be used for precise cutting. These knives are ideal for cutting food, trimming wires, slicing open packages, and many more. 

Various Blade Designs 

Pocket knives are available in a wide variety of blade designs, such as drop point, bowie, sheepsfoot, serrated, karambit, hawkbill, tanto, gut hook, spear point, clip point, and many more. Each blade type has its own applications. 

Cons of Pocket Knives 

Here are the cons of pocket knives: 

  • Pocket knives have limited functionality and can not be used for anything beyond cutting. 
  • They only come with a knife and do not include any other tools. 
  • Some pocket knives are generally more expensive than multi tools. 

Usage Scenarios 

A pocket knife is suitable for everyday tasks like opening packages, slicing fruit, or self-defense. It can be used for outdoor activities, such as preparing food while camping, skinning animal skin, etc. In addition to that, hunters, chefs, and even artists use specialized pocket knives for precise cutting.

Best Pocket Knife Sample 

Volken Pocket Knife

Source: Volken 

Volken Camping Outdoor Folding Knife is the best pocket knife that can be folded for safe and easy storage. This knife is very sturdy as it is made of stainless steel and the blade has black oxide coating, so it can resist any situation. 

The full length of this knife is 8.4 inches and when it is closed, it measures 4.8 inches only. As the knife is relatively portable, it is easy to store it in pockets and bags. The blade is very sharp and can be used to chop food and cut ropes, making it suitable for hiking, camping, and everyday use. 

Pocket Knife Vs. Multi Tool 

Here is a quick summary of multi tool vs pocket knife

Multi toolsPocket knife Winner
PortabilityMulti tools are usually large compared to pocket knives. However, some portable multi tools are available Pocket knives are generally very portable Pocket knives 
Weight They weigh more in comparison to pocket knives They are usually lightweight. However, some knives weigh more than multi tools Pocket knives 
Number of tools Includes a wide variety of tools usually 10, 12, or more Only 1 tool (knife)Multi tools 
Durability They are comparatively less durable They are very durable with a strong blade Pocket knives 
Versatility Highly versatile Not versatile Multi tools
Functionality They can be used for various tasks like chopping wood, trimming wires, hunting, etc. Mostly used for cutting food, ropes, etcMulti tools
Ease of use Most of them need to be used with two hands They can be used with a single hand Pocket knives 

When it comes to which is best between multi tool vs knife, it depends on the priorities and usage scenarios of the users. For those who prioritize versatility and want to be ready for any survival situations, multi-tool is the best tool. A pocket knife seems the best tool for those who want a compact, sharp knife with durable cutting performance. 

Wrapping Up 

Buying good-quality pocket knives or multi tools is essential to make sure they work well for the intended purposes. While multi tools are versatile tools and can help people with a wide range of tasks, pocket knives are portable with sharp blades. 
If you want to order high-quality, durable, and must-have pocket knives and multi-tools, make sure to buy them from a reliable manufacturer. Contact Volken in order to acquire pocket knives and multi-tools for the best prices and low MOQ.

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