Multifunctional Knives In 9 Outdoor Use Scenarios

When planning for any outdoor activities, be it camping, hiking, fishing, or any other activity, carrying the proper tools and resources is essential. This way, one can be prepared for all situations, including emergencies, and there will be no need to panic about anything. 

Multi tools are robust, mini tools that come with more than one tool, such as knives, a saw, a can opener, a screwdriver, an axe, tweezers, and many more. These compact-sized tools are light in weight and can be carried easily. There are plenty of uses of multi tools and let’s explore them here. 

Prepare Food 

One can use a multi tool knife to prepare food outdoors. The multi tool can be used to slice fruits, vegetables, and bread, and chop them into pieces. One of the common multi tool uses is using the sharp point of the knife to peel the skin of fruits, vegetables, or animals. In addition to that, multi tools are ideal for cutting hard frozen food. 

Build A Fire 

Building a bonfire is a must when camping, hiking, or stuck in the forest or anywhere. One can use the multi tool to slice the wood from tree branches and cut it into tiny pieces. The knife blade can be used to shave wood and make thin shavings. Put the striker tool close to the wood shavings and use a saw or blade to create sparks for fire. Using the multi tool, one can make small sticks or skewers from wood and grill them on the fire. 

Build A Shelter 

Another best multi tool use is building a shelter from scratch in the forest or any outdoor area. The knife, axe, and saw of the multi tool can be used to cut branches from trees along with other shelter materials. The screwdriver can be used to make holes for lashings and remove debris. 

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First Aid 

One of the most underrated applications of multi tools is first aid. The multi-tool can be used to remove splinters from your hands or feet, cut bandages to cover up your wounds, poke tiny holes in medicine bottles, cut tablet sheets, and many more. In addition to that, tweezers are ideal for removing tiny thorns and other objects. 


Fishing is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities, and carrying a multi tool will make you ready for any situation. Using the blade from the multi tool, one can cut a fishing line, prepare bait for the fish, remove scales from the fish, and cut the fish into tiny pieces. Apart from that, tweezers can be used to remove bones from the fish. 

Open Cans and Bottles 

Use the sharp blade of the multi tool to open the bottles and cans. Put the blade on the lid and press it to make a hole in the lid. Twist the bottle, rotate it, and make sure to poke holes into the lid. In addition to that, some multi tools come with a corkscrew which can be used to take out the lid from the bottle completely. 


Even though multi tools are not intended to be used as weapons, you can use them for self-defense and keep yourself safe from any dangers. Since a multi tool is quite compact, you can carry it in your pocket and take it out to protect yourself. Some multi tools come with a built-in whistle that can be used to scare off animals. 

Emergency Repairs 

Are you kayaking, and did your paddles get damaged? No worries, a multi tool can be used to repair paddles. Likewise, multi tools are relatively useful tools to handle any kind of emergency repairs, be it tightening loose screws, repairing broken or damaged things, cutting wires, and many more. 


Another common application of multi tools is survival purposes. From making a fire, building a wood shelter, and setting a tent to preparing and cooking, a multi tool is a must-have tool to survive in any outdoor area. Not only that, one can make traps, hunt food, and use the whistle for emergency signals. One of the hidden usages of a multi tool is that the reflective blade can be used to send signals for help. 

Wrapping Up 

A multi tool is more than just a knife as it contains a wide set of tools that can be used for fishing, preparing food, hunting, making a fire, building shelter, handling emergency repairs, and many more. Since the multi tools are also lightweight and compact, carrying them is a breeze. 

When thinking of buying multi tools, it is recommended to choose multi tools made of robust materials so that they can be used for a long time safely. Contact Volken to order the best quality multi tools at affordable prices and get a quick quote. 

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