Our Achievement at the 2022 Yangjiang Hardware Knives and Scissors Innovation Contest

Yangjiang, China – September 21, 2022 – The finals of the 2022 Yangjiang Hardware Knives and Scissors Innovation Contest, in which our company participated, were successfully held. This competition was guided by the Talent Office of Yangjiang Municipal Committee, organized by the Science and Technology Bureau of Yangjiang City, and hosted by the SMEA of Yangjiang. Several experts from fields such as advanced manufacturing, automation, and new materials diligently evaluated the competition entries, scoring the 31 participating projects comprehensively based on aspects like “technology and products” and “core team” to determine the number and list of companies that advanced to the next round. With the theme of “Industrial Development, Talents Leading the Way,” this competition aimed to promote the transformation and demonstration of innovative scientific and technological achievements by industry professionals, create a favorable ecosystem for alloy materials and hardware knives and scissors industry innovation and entrepreneurship, and accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading.

Our CEO Sam Fu introducing the participating project on-site.

After a rigorous selection process, our entrepreneurial project successfully entered the finals and competed with the other 12 advancing companies, showcasing our innovative spirit and entrepreneurial capabilities. We are proud to announce that we received the Finalist Award.

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