What Is An Automatic Knife? Everything You Need To Know

As automatic knives are easy to use, versatile, and light in weight, they are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Compared to heavy, bulky toolboxes, people are interested in carrying a simple automatic knife, which is a versatile tool that can be used to do anything from cutting wood to self-defense. 

Automatic knives are considered the best multi tools due to their durability, speed, ease of use, safety, and versatility. Read on to find out what is an automatic knife, how it works, pros and cons, uses, and the legal status of automatic knives. 

What Is An Automatic Knife 

An automatic knife is also referred to as a switchblade, spring knife, push button knife, flick blade, ejector knife, and flick knife. An automatic knife is a type of multi tool in which pressing a button or switch causes the blade to open. Therefore, they are very quick and easy to operate, which makes them the best multi tool for backpacking and other adventures. 

In the 18th century, automatic knives were initially constructed as quickly deployed-bayonets. Though they were primarily made for military use, the speed, portability, and versatility of these knives made them popular among knife collectors and enthusiasts. There are two primary types of automatic knives: side-opening and out-the-front (OTF) knives. 

There are various parts of an automatic knife, such as a blade spine, handle, firing button, swedge, cutting edge, primary grind, choil, and pivot screw. However, the primary components include a blade, handle, button or switch, spring mechanism, and a safety lock. 

The blade is usually made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure excellent sharpness and durability. The handle is created using materials like aluminum, wood, or synthetic to give a comfortable grip. The spring provides the force to deploy the blade automatically, while the button or switch will activate the spring and release the blade. As for the safety lock, it stops the blade from opening accidentally. 

Side-opening Automatic Knives 

The side-opening automatic knife is similar to a traditional folding knife. It is the most common type of automatic knife, and the blade extends to the side from the handle. Side-opening automatic knives are frequently utilized for daily tasks like opening crates, cutting food, etc. 

These knives are sharper only on one side. They are available in various blade shapes and sizes and are more affordable than other types of automatic knives. In addition to that, some side-opening automatic knives have features like a pocket clip, glass breaker, etc. 

OTF Automatic Knives 

Out-the-front automatic knives have a relatively unique design, and the blade comes out directly from the handle. Due to that, they are more compact and discreet. These types of knives are usually utilized for tactical purposes, self-defense, and adventures, which makes them the best multi tool for backpacking, camping, hiking, etc. 

OTF automatic knives can have a press release or a slide-switch mechanism. These knives are sharper on dual sides and deploy the blade faster than side-opening knives. However, they are more costly compared to side-opening knives. Additionally, it is hard to conceal the OTF automatic knives because of the blade’s position.

Is An Automatic Knife A Switchblade? 

Even though automatic knives are sometimes referred to as switchblades, they are quite different. Not all switchblades are automatic knives, but all automatic knives are switchblades. 

If a knife opens automatically at the touch of a button or switch, it is called a switchblade. Coming to the automatic knives, these knives automatically open the blade using a spring, switch, and button mechanism. 

An automatic knife is easy to use, convenient, and can be used even with a single hand, making it the best multitool for camping. In addition to that, automatic knives are known for their speed, portability, and versatility. 

How Does An Automatic Knife Work? 

It is important to note that automatic knives have different mechanisms to release the blade, such as a spring, button, or switch. However, all automatic knives have the same working principle, which is that the blade will open when a button or switch is pressed. 

The spring mechanism is inside the handle and coiled under tension. When it is activated, it creates a strong thrust that pushes the blade outward. The button or switch is conveniently positioned on the handle, and when you press it, the spring will be released, and the blade will be opened. 

The locking mechanism is the vital component that makes sure that the blade stays firmly in its position when opened. After it is activated, it stops the blade from closing accidentally, protecting people from harm.

In order to open an automatic knife, check the location of the button or switch, press the button or switch firmly, and the blade will be released automatically. To close the automatic knife, find the locking mechanism, release the locking mechanism, and the blade will be closed automatically. 

Uses Of Automatic Knives 

Automatic knives are versatile tools that are used for a wide range of purposes. The primary uses of automatic knives are listed below. 

  • Adventure: An automatic knife is a must-have tool when going on adventures like camping, backpacking, etc. Automatic knife is also known as the best outdoor multi tool. 
  • Day-to-day tasks: For some people, automatic knives are a convenient and practical tool for daily tasks. The quick deployment of the blade can be helpful for opening packets, trimming ripe, chopping food, and many more small tasks.
  • Self-Defense: Automatic knives can be used for self-defense. As these knives can open quickly, they can be used to deter attackers and protect yourself. 
  • Hunting and Fishing: Automatic knives can be helpful for hunting small animals in the wild and also catch fish. In addition, they can be used to cut the fishing lines and slice the food.
  • Professional use: There are numerous professions where automatic knives are used often. For instance, electricians carry these knives to strip wires, etc. 
  • Military use: Some military and law enforcement personnel are known for carrying automatic knives for tactical purposes due to their rapid deployment and ease of use. 

Are Automatic Knives Legal? 

Automatic knives are legal in some regions but banned in other areas. In the USA, it is legal to buy and carry automatic knives in about 43 states. For instance, people in Pennsylvania could carry automatic knives last year. These knives are banned in Washington State. Though people can have automatic knives in California, they can not use these knives if the blades are longer than 2 inches. 

According to the Federal Switchblade Act Of 1958 (FSA), manufacturers and vendors are restricted from commercially selling these knives across state lines. The US Customs Service does not allow people to import automatic knives or their parts from other countries. However, the usage and buying of automatic knives is not banned.

It is also not allowed to use postal service to ship and receive automatic knives. However, other types of shipping methods can be used to send and acquire these knives. As the legality of automatic knives varies depending on your location, it is crucial to thoroughly research the laws in your area before purchasing or carrying an automatic knife.

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Wrapping Up 

Automatic knife is the best multi tool for camping and other adventure activities. These knives are a great combination of convenience, speed, functionality, durability, and versatility. It will be helpful to understand their types, features, and legal considerations when thinking about purchasing automatic knives. 

Make sure to acquire automatic knives from a reliable manufacturer to ensure sturdiness, longevity, and safety. Volken is one of the high-end suppliers of best-quality automatic knives. Reach out to Volken to order custom automatic knives and get instant quotes. 

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